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Our Mission is to provide each customer with a memorable waterfront experience through best-in-class services and facilities that can only be described as the Windward Lifestyle. The Windward Lifestyle is ingrained in four core values that are reflected in everything we do: ExcellencePartnershipSustainability and Legacy. With our unwavering commitment to Excellence, the Windward Lifestyle requires that every aspect of a Windward Marina, from each team member to each component of our properties, meets our best-in-class standard. Through our strategic Partnerships with the local communities we serve, each Windward Marina is tailored to its customer base to provide a curated Windward Lifestyle experience. The Windward Lifestyle is not without strict appreciation of natural resources and a duty to adhere to the highest environmental standards, which is why Sustainability is at the core of the Windward Lifestyle. Through our commitment to Excellence, Partnership, and Sustainability, our Legacy will be to ensure that each customer and their family enjoys an unrivaled boating experience that is the Windward Lifestyle.


Our vision is defined through our name and logo: In sailboat racing, a Windward vessel is one with an unobstructed breeze, upwind of or ahead of another vessel. Historically, the Lighthouse has served as the benchmark of protection to its waterfront, by guiding all mariners safely to harbor. 


We envision an impactful legacy of waterfront experiences that encompass the “Windward Lifestyle.” One that is sustainable, persisting, and always taking the lead


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